What is State of Unity?

“Bliss is a state of unity & wholeness; it is a feeling of oneness & connection with all of creation. It is where happiness, meaning, & truth converge.”

When booking a trip with State of Unity, you put funds directly back into the organizations listed on this page.  Read more to learn about each project, knowing when you book with us, you not only help them financially, but also will meet them in person and experience their cause firsthand.  This is what Traveling with Purpose is all about.

Resources for At-Risk Youth

This charity is not an orphanage center. Instead, they reach children living in poor/vulnerable environments, analyze their needs, meet them where they are, and directly seek help. When you visit Tanzania with us, a portion of the cost is donated to the children, who you will also meet during your travels. These children dwell on the foot of Kilimanjaro and come from marginalized families. By traveling with us, you are directly helping a child attend school, provide food for stomachs and turn dreams to reality.

Adventure travel in Thailand helps female empowerment

Restoration for Victims of Sex Trade

This organization exists to rescue, restore, and empower women ensnared by the sex trade in Thailand with the grace and love of God. They reach and empower the women they serve through bar outreach ministry, discipleship, job training, education, and counseling.

Adventure travel to Laos helps sustainable farming

Sustainable Farming

Ever thought about the process needed to get the grain from the field onto your dinner plate? Most haven’t, including the farmers who grow it. In Laos, there are many rice farmers with plentiful crops, yet they remain cut off from much of the financial benefits. The reasoning is multidimensional, much relating to lack of education and resources. This organization works hard to bring ‘outdated’ farming
equipment from more developed countries into Laos. The hope is for farmers to gain control of their crops from start to finish, instead of outsourcing. Additionally, they are working hard in efforts of sustainability in everything from fruit to fish.

Small group Adventure travel supports Childhood education

Childhood Education

In Cambodia, this couple has been hard at work making their vision a reality. Built from virtually nothing, they now operate a school of 50 students, a preschool, orphanages, and continual outreach to remote villages and other schools. From English classes to guitar lessons, the kids thrive in a rich, loving environment. From school supplies to sponsorships, clothing, food and more, dollars go far to provide for these beautiful children.
How adventure travel in Cusco Peru benefits the children

Sustainable Education & Development

Every child is entitled to good intellectual, quality and inclusive education. The NGO we partner with in Peru works to empower disadvantaged and vulnerable children, adolescents and families through sustainable education and development projects.  The main focus is to support children and adolescents in education, skills and training, through empowerment and active participation.  The work is focused on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and with it, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adapted to our local reality and with an impact in the short, medium and long term.