Best Travel Apps of 2021

Make you trip even easier by downloading these apps before you go.  From packing lists to moped and scooter rentals, this list has something for every stump in the road.  Many are our personal favorites; we’re excited to give them a shoutout and hope you’ll grow to love them too!

Rome2Rio. Founded in 2011 by two backpackers frustrated with the complex and time-consuming research required to travel abroad, Rome2Riio is like Google Maps for travel junkies.  Enter any address, landmark, or city and the app instantly displays all possible travel and booking options, along with length of time, mode of travel, and cost.  In Europe, Canada, and the US, Omio is their sister platform.

WhatsApp.  This is becoming the platform most global and travel businesses use.  It works off wifi, which eliminates the need for a SIM card and cell service.  It’s owned by Facebook, and offers pretty much all the same features; text, phone calls, video chats, user locations, send photos, documents, and other content.

Strava. The #1 app for runners and cyclers.  This distance tracking app has a social networking component and the ability to share your live accurate location, an excellent safety feature when traveling.  It keeps record of where you’ve been and your routes, which can be fun to look back on and also share recommendations.

SayHi. There are about 7,000 different languages in the world, and we are thankful to be alive when all we need is a smartphone to communicate across them.  SayHi has 90 languages and dialects to select from.  Record your voice, adjust the speed, select man or woman voice, and translate to language you need to communicate in.  You can also type in words if voice/sound isn’t ideal. 

Lime. Through the equitable distribution of shared scooters, bikes, and transit vehicles, Lime aims to reduce dependence on cars.  E-mopeds, scooters, and bike stations can be found by using the app.  Lime can be found in over 100 cities internationally (mostly US & Europe), and in the cities where Lime doesn’t exist, there is likely a similar app to help get you from A to B.

Packpoint.  This handy app organizes what you need based on trip length, weather, and planned activities.  It then builds your packing list accordingly and even gives your list its own website. Share the url with your travel buddies to keep everyone in the know.  You can also check out our *packing list link* to get started!

All Trails.  The beauty of nature doesn’t have to be hard to find.  The goal of All Trails is to build the largest collection of hand-curated trail guides, making it simple to explore with confidence.  With over 100,000 trails and 20 million users, they’re well on their way.  Filter by hiking, running, bike, difficulty level, kid/dog friendly, etc. Read reviews and pictures to ensure you select the perfect trail for your needs.

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