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Have you ever wanted to gain a new experience but didn’t have anyone to join you on the adventure? Or taken a vacation only to find it less fulfilling than you had hoped?

In 2014, if you were to ask Cara what she was passionate about, she wouldn’t have been able to give a convincing answer. Then, she signed up for what was coined a ‘vision trip.’ During the vision trip, they met with victims of the sex trade, visited museums of genocide and ruins dating back centuries.  Seeing everyone else in the group in immense empathy, Cara questioned her ability to be compassionate.  The experience, food, and trip as a whole was wonderful, but she didn’t feel like she was feeling.

Travel that gives back to the communities

Then, they visited an orphanage in a third world country.

The kids ran, laughed, sang.  They shared their dreams (doctor, astronaut, computer engineer).  They saw a world of opportunity, and Cara saw a dirty, dusty, shell of a building and kids with nothing but a dream.

And she cried.

By simply being born one place instead of another, how many factors in your life are predetermined?

Finally, Cara had found a purpose and passion.

A reason to exist outside herself.

Small group travel in Southeast Asia

Something incredible happens when you find a purpose.  What others think becomes less important.  ‘Standards’ and ‘norms’ no longer exist.  Instead, you view life as a mission, driven by your purpose and directed by your calling.  Confidence grows as you become less concerned of what others think and more concerned of the impact.

So what is it about travel that has this light speed ability to grow confidence?

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
Adventure travel to the Caribbean

When traveling, nothing is the norm.  You are forced to adjust and adapt.  Everything is new, exciting, different.  Your senses become alive again, soaking in the unfamiliar smells, sounds, and tastes.

It’s thrilling to immerse into a new culture and landscape, trying things like rappelling down a waterfall in the middle of a rainforest, climbing the highest mountain on an entire continent, or snorkeling with sharks.

All this sounds great, but it can be challenging to find others willing to join, and traveling alone doesn’t sound as fun.  Also, planning a trip abroad is overwhelming!

Adventure travel to Iceland

What to do?

An idea came.  What if there were a place where like-minded people, those looking to live for a greater good and connect on a community level with the places they visit, could meet and take these journeys together?  And better yet, what if the core value was to empower people, to grow in their confidence, try new things, and be a positive impact on the places they visit?

As Cara continued to travel, she built relationships with people in different communities and causes all over the world.  Her adrenaline addiction had her trying incredible excursions. 

She was amazed at how many people said “I could never do that.”

She always asked why.

Just like the kids in the orphanage, there is often no good reason why one person can do something and another can’t, as long as you have the resources.

State of Unity creates empowering experiences, immersing you into new cultures, surrounded by positive, like-minded people.  Every excursion stretches you into a stronger, more confident self.  Every trip contributes to a local organization you will meet during your time there.

You’ll return home renewed, energized, and on fire for life.  You’ll have a greater appreciation for planet earth, new friends from around the world, and, hopefully, a passion to grow, see, and do more.