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5 Tips for an Unforgettable Trip

Committing to travel takes time, money, resources, and can often be stressful.  It’s a break from the normal routine with the expectation of new experiences,… Read More

No Reservations

*My 1st Solo Trip Abroad* As an event manager in Florida, the Christmas season was not one of celebration but what I liked to call… Read More

The Glorified State of Busy

On a recent flight to Costa Rica, I read an article interviewing a well-known entrepreneur.  The opening paragraph presented the case for appreciating how busy… Read More

Do You Travel or Do You Vacation?

Immersing into different cultures is right up there with summit sunrises on reasons I travel. In complete honesty, and hopefully no offense, I struggle understanding… Read More

Best Travel Apps of 2021

Make you trip even easier by downloading these apps before you go.  From packing lists to moped and scooter rentals, this list has something for… Read More

Packing Guide

What Should I pack?! If you’ve never traveled internationally, or even if you have, the packing process can be overwhelming. What if you forget something… Read More